Hydrogen Partners

Interested in working with Hydrogen to spread the embedded finance revolution? We offer referral and re-selling partnerships with high revenue potential.

Hydrogen Partnerships
Referral Partners

Referral Partners

We offer an amazing referral program for consultants, entrepreneurs, marketers, and other professionals that have clients in need of embedded finance solutions. In this arrangement, you will be paid a referral fee for your work with us, and we will provide you with a unique link or ID to give to your customers. For large referral arrangements, we also can offer co-branded admin portal access.

Re-Selling Partners

Re-Selling Partners

Hydrogen's platform is best used by the end business in need of the embedded finance solution. We are required to submit our customers for due diligence with our banking partners. If you are a tech platform provider that wants to act as an intermediary to offer a Hydrogen product to another business, the re-seller option is best for you. This is only available in our Transform pricing plan.

Embedded Finance Will
Be a $7 Tril Industry

Setup a time with our partnerships team to
discuss your referral or re-seller use case.

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